Nucleic Acid Observatory

Our team

  • Kevin Esvelt

    Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab

  • Will Bradshaw

    Research Scientist & NAO Co-Lead

  • Mike McLaren

    Research Scientist & NAO Co-Lead

  • Anjali Gopal

    Research Scientist

  • Simon Grimm

    Visiting Student & Data Analyst

  • Olivia Hershey

    Research Scientist

  • Lenni Justen

    Graduate Student, Sculpting Evolution Group and DRAPER

  • Jeff Kaufman

    Staff Software Engineer

  • Ari Machtinger

    Research Technician

  • Dan Rice

    Research Scientist

  • Emily Soice

    Operations Associate

  • Janvi Ahuja

    DPhil Scholar, University of Oxford (Collaborator)

  • Charlie Whittaker

    Fellow, Imperial College (Collaborator)